Agenda 9/26/2017

Bell work:  Secure your IA notebook, one piece of construction paper, and one pair of scissors.

Homework:  Continue to study argumentation vocabulary as well as the FSA argumentation rubric. Interim Reports are pulled at 5 P. M. today.

Classwork:  Create a foldable on the LLCCC strategy for annotating texts.  Fold and cut your construction paper according to the directions.  It will look like this when completed:

  1. Locate the title. (BLUE goes on front)

    1. Put a box around it.

    2. What might the title reveal about the passage?

  2. Label the passage.

    1. P – Pro (for the topic)

    2. A – Anti (against the topic)

  3. Code the Paragraph.

    1. Underline key/main or repeated ideas.

    2. Circle the names of important people.

    3. Write a 3-4 word summary for each paragraph.

    4. Note any visuals, graphs, charts, etc.

  4. Cover the Prompt.

    1. Highlight or Color Mark the evidence that addresses the prompt.

  5. Check the Logic.

    1. Do the quotes you selected make sense for your argument?


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