Agenda 9/6/2017

Bell work:  Turn to page 35 in your IA Notebook and page 213 in your textbook. Obtain your illustration of FIXED/ GROWTH mindset to be collected.

Homework:  Check Gradebook.  You have one more day to complete late/ missing work already posted to Gradebook.  Test is Friday on Marigolds and vocabulary on pages 20-34.  Extra Credit:  Florida students still have two more weeks to submit essays for the chance to earn a 4-Year Florida Prepaid College Scholarship!

Classwork:  Glue pages in your notebook- table pic use this one.

14.  Bubble map

15.  RACE paragraph (authors use of figurative language)

16.  Hanging Fire Quiz

17.  Where I Am From by Georgia Lyon (sentence frames)

18.  Where I am From written by YOU

19.  Mindset Quiz

20. – 34. Frayer Model vocabulary (This has been graded or will be today!!!!)

35.  Marigolds Cornell Notes- Find a partner who has also finished reading the story. Compare and contrast each other’s notes.  FINISH reading if you have not yet done so.


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