Agenda 8/30/2017

Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook, your annotated GROWTH OR FIXED article, and your illustration.  Turn to page 20-34 in your IA Notebook for today’s vocabulary work.

Homework:  Late color-marked Growth Mindset articles.   Finish your illustrations.  You may work on some of the Frayer Models as well.  Note: you will have all of tomorrow’s class time to complete these as well.  Extra credit opportunity here:

This is reminder that Florida students still have two more weeks to submit essays for the chance to earn a 4-Year Florida Prepaid College Scholarship!


Through the 2017 Hispanic Heritage Month contests, three students in grades 4-12 will earn a 4-Year Florida Prepaid College Scholarship and two K-3 students will earn cash prizes. Additionally, three educators will be honored with the Hispanic Heritage Month Excellence in Education Award.


  1.  Complete your Growth/ Fixed Mindset illustration.  It is due by the end of the period.

  2. Beginning on page 20 in your IA Notebook make 15 frayer model.

· Deduce                                         · Sufficient                    · Poignant

· Ostensible                                   · Retribution                · Stoicism

· Perverse                                      · Bravado                       · Impotent

· Exuberance                                · Degradation               · Squalor

· Debate                                          · License                        · Trend




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