Agenda 8/28/2017


GROWTH OR FIXED Mindset…. Which one are you?

Bell Work: Get article from try near the door and TWO highlighters of differing colors. Secure your IA Notebook.  Turn to page 19 (SKIP AHEAD) and write Mindset Quiz at the top.  Number the page 1-20 but don’t go on the back.  Take Mindset Quiz.

Strong Growth Mindset = 45 – 60 points

Growth Mindset with some Fixed ideas = 34 – 44 points

Fixed Mindset with some Growth ideas = 21 – 33 points

Strong Fixed Mindset = 0 – 20 points

midset answers

Discuss: What kinds of things do we say to ourselves when we are trying to accomplish something new or difficult?

  1. Watch: -and/or –
  2. Read:
  3. Discuss: What is the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset? (Color mark the text)
  4. Poem presentations if class did not complete on Friday.
  5. Create: Poster illustrating self-talk for each mindset.

Homework:  Complete color-marking of the mindset text.



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