Agenda 8/25/2017

Bell work:  Secure one sheet of notebook paper.  With your pen number the paper 1-10. Then, write your name and “Hanging Fire” quiz in the upper right corner.  Clear your desk except for your pen and paper.

Homework:  Catch up on your IA Notebook if it is out of order or you have not glued some of your work or pages.  If you have been absent you have one day to complete that make-up work.  Haven’t been on Gradebook yet?  YOU SHOULD!  Otherwise- NO HOMEWORK!


  1. Take quiz.  Be sure to write your answers (letters) clearly.  Be sure to write in RACE paragraph form when answering the short answer questions.

  2. You have about 15 minutes.

  3. If you finish before time is called, you may review your Where I’m From poem and get ready for your presentation.

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