Agenda 8/24/2017

Bell work:  Obtain your IA Notebook and turn to page 11.  Quiz tomorrow on the two poems.  Review your annotations and make note to complete those annotations and study.  Then turn to page 14.  Locate your copy of Where I am From poem and review your bubble map.


1.  How does Lyon define herself?  Discuss

2.  Using PEN write a rough draft of your own Where I am From poem by filling in the blanks within the sentence frames on the back of Lyon’s poem.

3.  Pair and share time

  • Read poem in its entirety and discuss with your partner your overall reflection.  AVOID words such as: good job, I like it, nice.
  • Instead use kind words to reflect exactly what you like, what is good about the poem, and what makes it nice.
  • Offer specific suggestions designed to help the writer create a better effect, mood, and better use of figurative language.
  • Then, using the boxes to the left, determine if the writer did in fact write in that way.  This is where you can reflect, “Nice job with the 3 things you wrote about growing up.  I can see those activities.”  If the writer has not adequately completed the directions in the small boxes on the left, now is the time for you to make suggestions on what to change or fix.


Homework:  Complete a final copy of your poem in anticipation of tomorrow’s presentations of your poems.  Copy it over (in pen) or you may type your poem.  Study your Cornell Notes and your annotations of the two poems on page 11 in your notebook.

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