Agenda 8/23/2017

Wednesday: Unpack Unit I

Bell Work:  Obtain your IA Notebook.  Turn to page 13.  Mark page 13 using smiley face annotations:

🙂  means I think I might like this.

.. means I am not sure what I think about this (topic) yet

😦 means this looks like it’s doing to be quite a challenge


Discuss: What defines one’s culture?  Turn to page 14 and draw a bubble map (see page 8 for directions).  It should take up most of the page.

  1. Complete a bubble map describing your culture. Include details about your:

  2. School

  3. Family

  4. Friends

  5. Extracurricular activities (including sports, church, etc.)

  6. Using Cornell notes on page 12 mark “Where I’m From,” poem by Georgia Ella Lyon.

  7. Discuss: How does Lyon define herself?

  8. Using the sentence frames, create your own version of Lyon’s poem.

Homework: Finish marking the poem Where I am From using your notes on annotation. IMG_6142[1]


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