8/22/ 2017

8/22/2017- 7th Period ONLY:

Bell work:  You will need one sheet of notebook paper, your pen, and the textbook on your desk.

Classwork:  Turn to page 233 and answer the questions in RACE format.  If you are unfamiliar with the RACE strategy, then write your answers in paragraph form.



Bell work:  Secure your IA Notebook from the shelf for your class period and a pen. Number the first 50 pages of your notebook using both the front and back.  Odd numbers on the right and even numbers on the back.  PEN PLEASE!

pic of pages 1-13

colormarked page 8


Class work:

Move to the back counter and obtain one of each page.  Keeping the pages in order will come in handy later.

Homework:  Glue any pages you were unable to glue today.  Late RACE paragraphs.  TOPIC- How do poets use figurative language to convey meaning in their poems? See website for additional make-up work from yesterday.

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