Agenda 8/21/2017

Bell work:  Find your page (yellow) of poems from last week, and sheet of blank notebook paper, and your Cornell Notes.  Secure colored pencils again as well.

Classwork:  Annotate Teenagers using annotation notes from last week.

  1. Read poem

  2. Read again

  3. Underline rhyme scheme (using 1 color)

  4. Underline figurative language (using a 2nd color

  5. Circle parts which stand out to you, confusing, seem important (3rd color)

  6. Record questions in the margin using your pen

  7. Highlight unusual words (4th color) and mark with a V.

  8. Write the word Theme: and document what you believe the theme(s) of the poem is.

  9. Homework:  Last chance IA Notebooks.  We begin numbering our pages and gluing tomorrow.  Finish your RACE paragraph if you require more time to do so.


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