Agenda 8/15/2017

Bell work:   Locate your Plain Polly or Boring Bob from yesterday’s class.  Complete.  You will have about 10 minutes to do so.  — 

1.  Draw a stick figure in the middle of your paper.

2.  Write 10-15 descriptive phrases about yourself around the stick figure. Comment on your hobbies, personality, and physical appearance.

3. Create an alliteration describing yourself using your first name.


1. Turn in your Plain Polly or Boring Bob.  Practice collection procedure.

2.  Review syllabus.  Discuss Bell work when papers are in tray by the door (procedure).

3.  Index card activity:  NAME goes in the middle then divide into quarters.

4.  Answer the four questions (USE PEN) Schroyer to collect, we will then try to guess who wrote the answers.

Homework:  Course syllabus to be signed and returned by Friday.  Supplies by Friday as well.  Boring Bob and Plain Polly may be completed this evening but are due tomorrow when you walk in the door.


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