Agenda 8/14/2017 WELCOME BACK!

Bell work:   Find your seat. This will be your assigned seat for the first quarter.


1. Discuss rules and procedures for the following:

a. passes (10/10 rule)

b. 8th grade syllabus_updated

c. accessing supplies

d. pen only classroom

e. borrowing a book from class library

f. class website (

g. turning in assignments

h. class resources (table of contents, important upcoming dates, agenda, etc.)

i. BYOT expectations/ sign up for REMIND

j. Warrior Time expectations

2. Begin Plain Polly/ Boring Bob if time- Plain Polly – Boring Bob

3. Draw a stick figure in the middle of your paper.

4. Write 10-15 descriptive phrases about yourself around the stick figure. Comment on your hobbies, personality, and physical appearance.

5. Create an alliteration describing yourself using your first name.

6. Add details to your stick figure illustrating your descriptions. If needed, add more details to your descriptions.

7. Share your cover page.

8. Turn in your cover page. It will be returned to you next week when we set up our interactive notebooks.

Homework: Review our class website, sign and return the syllabus by Friday. Get your interactive notebook.



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