Agenda 5/16/2017

Bell Work Image result for difference between inspiration and plagiarism

  1. Discuss the difference between plagiarism and inspiration.
  2. Review your plot diagram and make sure your plot diagram includes the following:
    • Developed plot elements – exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution – that make sense when read chronologically
    • Title of your story
    • Clear description of the setting(s)
    • Clear conflict, protagonist, and antagonist
    • Point of view which will effectively increase suspense
    • Inciting Incident that distinguishes the end of the exposition and beginning of the rising action
    • At least one exchange of dialogue that readers will find useful

Class Work

  1. Write the rough draft of your horror story.
    • Introduce the main character and setting, engaging your audience with actions and dialogue that sets up the conflict.
    • Establish your point of view by introducing a narrator.
    • Create the sequence of events, using transition words and phrases that clearly signal any shifts in setting.
    • Use precise words and phrases and sensory language to create a vivid picture.
    • Tell how the conflict is resolved. Clearly show how the character finally overcomes the challenge.
    • Leave the audience with a theme on which to reflect.


Decide how you will submit your story – typed or handwritten. If typed, what technology will you use to produce and print your narrative?

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