Agenda 4/6/2017




Class Work
  1. Culminating Activity
  • At the end of “The Pit and The Pendulum,” the prisoner narrowly escapes death and is saved by General LaSalle’s French Army.
  • Construct an alternate ending for the story – changing the ending of the story in a new, creative way that still exhibits the characteristics of the horror genre.


  • Make sure your new ending makes sense with the other events in the story.
  1. Continue to work on your portfolio (due 5/12).
  • Portfolio Checklist
  • Table of Contents
  • Defining Characteristics of the Horror Genre foldable (completed 3/21)


  • Man-Made Monsters
  • Annotated copy (completed 3/22)
  • Frayer Models (completed 3/23)
  • Choice of 1 Activity: Character Sketch or RACE paragraphs (completed 3/23)
  • Text Analysis (completed 3/24)


  • Culminating Activity: Create Your Own Monster (completed 3/24)
  • The Monkey’s Paw
  • Frayer Models (completed 3/27)
  • Plot diagram (completed 3/28)
  • Analyzing the Text questions or Text vs. Film double bubble map (completed 3/29)
  • Text Analysis (completed 3/29)


  • Culminating Activity: Research Report (completed 3/27)
  • The Tell-Tale Heart


  • Psychiatric Evaluation (3/31)
  • The Pit and the Pendulum
  • Frayer Models (4/3)
  • Annotated Text (4/4)
  • Tree Map or Research (4/5)
  • Text Analysis: RACE paragraph (4/5)


  • Alternate Ending (4/6)


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