Agenda 4/5/2017




Bell Work

  1. Review the annotations you made while reading “The Pit and the Pendulum.”

Class Work

  1. Choose one of the following activities to complete:
    • Set up a tree map listing the characteristics of the horror genre for each stem. Include at least two examples from the text for each characteristic.
    • Conduct research on the Spanish Inquisition. Research its history and how that history was included in this story by Poe (one RACE paragraph detailed description).


  1. Continue to work on your portfolio (due 5/12).
    • Portfolio Checklist
      • Table of Contents
      • Defining Characteristics of the Horror Genre foldable (completed 3/21)
      • Man-Made Monsters
        • Annotated copy (completed 3/22)
        • Frayer Models (completed 3/23)
        • Choice of 1 Activity: Character Sketch or RACE paragraphs (completed 3/23)
        • Text Analysis (completed 3/24)
        • Culminating Activity: Create Your Own Monster (completed 3/24)
      • The Monkey’s Paw
        • Frayer Models (completed 3/27)
        • Plot diagram (completed 3/28)
        • Analyzing the Text questions or Text vs. Film double bubble map (completed 3/29)
        • Text Analysis (completed 3/29)
        • Culminating Activity: Research Report (completed 3/27)
      • The Tell-Tale Heart
        • Frayer Models (3/30)
        • Textual Evidence (3/30)
        • Animation Analysis or Police Report (3/31)
        • Text Analysis (3/31)
        • Psychiatric Evaluation (3/31)
      • The Pit and the Pendulum
        • Frayer Models (4/3)
        • Annotated Text (4/4)
        • Tree Map or Research (4/5)

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