Agenda 4/3/2017



Bell Work

  1. If you have not already done so, complete your Psychiatric Evaluation of the unnamed narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.
    • Criminals sometimes undergo a psychiatric evaluation during which their mental health is reviewed by a psychologist. If the narrator of this story underwent such an evaluation, what might the health experts say about his state of mind? Based on details from the story, write a ONE PAGE profile of the narrator by answering the following questions- RACE paragraphs are suggested:
      • What crime did he commit?
      • What was his motive? Was he insane, enraged, seeking revenge, or something else?
      • Do you predict that the narrator will take responsibility for his crimes? Why or why not?
      • What evidence, based on the narrator’s account of events, supports your theory?

Class Work

  1. Complete a Frayer model for the following words:
    • accentuate
    • profound
    • vague
    • encompass
    • intolerance
    • framework
    • alternative
    • literate
    • diffuse


  1. Continue to work on your portfolio (due 5/12).
    • Portfolio Checklist
      • Table of Contents
      • Defining Characteristics of the Horror Genre foldable (completed 3/21)
      • Man-Made Monsters
        • Annotated copy (completed 3/22)
        • Frayer Models (completed 3/23)
        • Choice of 1 Activity: Character Sketch or RACE paragraphs (completed 3/23)
        • Text Analysis (completed 3/24)
        • Culminating Activity: Create Your Own Monster (completed 3/24)
      • The Monkey’s Paw
        • Frayer Models (completed 3/27)
        • Plot diagram (completed 3/28)
        • Analyzing the Text questions or Text vs. Film double bubble map (completed 3/29)
        • Text Analysis (completed 3/29)
        • Culminating Activity: Research Report (completed 3/27)
      • The Tell-Tale Heart
        • Frayer Models (3/30)
        • Textual Evidence (3/30)
        • Animation Analysis or Police Report (3/31)
        • Text Analysis (3/31)
        • Psychiatric Evaluation (3/31)
      • The Pit and the Pendulum
        • Frayer Models (4/3)


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