Agenda 3//27/2017



Bell Work

  1. Complete a Frayer model for each of the following terms.
    • Allusion
    • Perils
    • Condoling
    • Grimace
    • Fate
    • Credulity
    • Prosaic
    • Compensation
    • Resignation
    • Theme
    • Foreshadowing

Class Work

  1. Do research to learn more about the historical relationship between Britain and India
  2. Write a report in which you…
    • explain how Britain came to rule India, including the role of the British East India Company
    • describe the attitudes to two peoples had towards one another during the British rule
  3. Add these items (Frayer models and research report) to your portfolio and update your Table of Contents.


  1. Continue to work on your portfolio (due 5/12).
    • Portfolio Checklist
      • Table of Contents
      • Defining Characteristics of the Horror Genre foldable (completed 3/21)
      • Man-Made Monsters
        • Annotated copy (completed 3/22)
        • Frayer Models (completed 3/23)
        • Choice of 1 Activity: Character Sketch or RACE paragraphs (completed 3/23)
        • Text Analysis (completed 3/24)
        • Culminating Activity: Create Your Own Monster (completed 3/24)
      • The Monkey’s Paw
        • Frayer Models (completed 3/27)
        • Culminating Activity: Research Report (completed 3/27)


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