Agenda 3/24/2017

Bell Work

  1. Take out your portfolio for this week’s progress check and leave it off to the side and closed.
  2. Complete the Man-Made Monsters quiz.
    • Take out a sheet of paper and number it 1-5. 
    • Title your paper “Man-Made Monsters Quiz,” and make sure your name is in the top right-hand corner.
    • While you are testing, there is to be no talking. You are also responsible for keeping your answers private.
    • When you are done, turn in your quiz and continue working on your portfolio.

Class Work

  1. If you have not already done so, complete one of the following activities.
    • Character Sketch – Illustrate Frankenstein’s creature as he is described in the novel versus the movie (two illustrations side by side).
    • Write a detailed description of Frankenstein’s creature as he is described in the novel versus the movie (one RACE paragraph describing the novel AND one describing the movie = 2 paragraphs total).
  2. Text Analysis: Answer the following question using the RACE format specifically focusing on the guidelines for the author’s use of characterization:
    • How must an author develop his or her main character for the writing to be considered a part of the horror genre?
  3. Culminating Activity: Create your own horror genre character by graphically depict a creature of your own creation. Describe his/her personality and physical appearance.
  4. Include your completed work in your portfolio and update your Table of Contents (see checklist in Homework section below).


  1. Continue to work on your portfolio (due 5/12).
    • Portfolio Checklist
      • Folder/binder
      • Tabs/sticky notes (to help organize content by text)
      • Portfolio requirements document (green)
      • Table of Contents
      • Defining Characteristics of the Horror Genre foldable (completed 3/21)
      • Annotated copy of Man-Made Monsters (completed 3/22)
      • Man-Made Monsters Frayer Models (completed 3/23)
      • Man-Made Monsters Choice of 1 Activity: Character Sketch or RACE paragraphs (completed 3/23)
      • Man-Made Monsters Text Analysis (completed 3/24)
      • Man-Made Monsters Culminating Activity: Create Your Own Monster (completed 3/24)


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