Agenda 3/22/2017




Bell Work

  1. Take the “What is the Horror Genre?” quiz.
    • Take out a sheet of paper, title it Horror Genre quiz, put your name on it and number your paper 1-6.
    • DO NOT WRITE ON THE QUIZ. This is a class set.
    • Choose the appropriate answer for each question and write it next to the corresponding number. 
    • Turn in your quiz and obtain a copy of Man-Made Monsters by Daniel Cohen and two highlighters of differing colors.

Class Work

  1. Read Man-Made Monsters by Daniel Cohen.
  2. Color mark the descriptions of Frankenstein’s monster as he is described in the novel versus as he is depicted in the movie.
  3. If you have not already done so and have your folder/binder for your portfolio, set up your portfolio with the following items in the following order:
  4. Return the highlighters you borrowed to the back counter.
  5. If time permits, begin your Frayer Models (word, definition, characteristics/illustration, examples/synonyms, non-examples/antonyms) for the Man-Made Monsters vocabulary terms:
    • Sorcerer
    • Speculate
    • Notorious
    • Electrode
    • Exhume
    • Cadaver
    • Malicious


  1. Get a folder/binder for your portfolio (due 3/24).

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