Agenda 3/3/2017


Bell Work

  1. Turn in your Random Acts of Kindness project.
  2. Questions about your project?

  3. Obtain a copy of The Giver and be ready to begin reading on page 139.
    • This is a class set.
    • You may NOT take the paperback home.

Class Work

  1. Read chapters 18 and 19 of The Giver.
  2. Complete the following reading journal activities:
    • Chapter 18 (122 in your interactive notebook): How are the negative memories given to Jonas different from those given to Rosemary? Give examples from the text to support your answer. Which would be more difficult to deal with? (Use the RACE strategy.)
    • Chapter 19 (123 in your interactive notebook ): Does Father fully understand his actions in this chapter? Explain your thoughts based on the text and what we know about the community. (Use the RACE strategy to format your response.)


  1. Required Summative – Memory Book (due March 8th) 
    • Rubric
    • If completed electronically, your project must be submitted via Office 365.
    • If completed tangibly, your book must be bound (a staple stack of papers is not considered to be bound).
  2. Optional Summative – Breaking Barriers Essay Contest (due March 9th to me or March 13th for the actual contest) – Please submit your essay through Scholastic’s website for the contest, as well as via Office 365 for credit in our class.

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