Agenda 3/1/2017


Bell Work

  1. Review thetypes of context clues.
  2. Review chapters 1-15 of The Giver.
  3. Review page 100 in your notebook.

Class Work

  1. Participate thePrecision of Language activity by completing the following:
    • Read the provided excerpt from The Giver.
    • Identify the context clues in the sentence and determine the type of context clues within the sentence.
    • Using the clues in the sentence, predict what the word might mean.
    • Compare your predicted definition with the actual definition of the word.
    • Colorfully illustrate the scene being described in the provided excerpt. 
  2. Answer the following questions using the RACE strategy:
    • How does the author’s use of the identified word affect your understanding of the novel?
    • How is the author’s use of the identified word within the excerpt consistent with the defining characteristics of a dystopian novel?


  1. Optional Summative –Random Acts of Kindness project (due March 3rd)
  2. 3rd period ONLY!!!!  Required Summative –Memory Book (due March 8th
    • Rubric
    • If completed electronically, your project must be submitted via Office 365.
    • If completed tangibly, your book must be bound (a staple stack of papers is not considered to be bound).
  3. 1, 2, 4, 5,  and 7Discuss culminating book-of-memories-project-1 due March 8, 2017.
  4. Optional Summative –Breaking Barriers Essay Contest (due March 13th) – Please submit your essay through Scholastic’s website for the contest, as well as via Office 365 for credit in our class.

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