Agenda 2/27/2017



Bell Work

  1. Take out a sheet of paper, title it Giver Test: Chapters 1-15 and number it 1-15.
  2. Set up 4 quadrants on the backside of your paper.

Class Work

  1. Using your own notebook paper, complete the Giver test by answering the 15 multiple questions and 4 RACE paragraphs.
  2. When you are done, edit and revise your paragraphs so that it accurately depicts the expectations outlined in the FSA rubric.


1. Optional Summative – Random Acts of Kindness project (due March 3rd)

2. Optional Summative – Breaking Barriers Essay Contest (due March 13th) – Please submit your essay through Scholastic’s website for the contest, as well as via Office 365 for credit in our class.

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