Agenda 2/23/2017


Bell Work

  1. Log into the laptop provided.


    • Birthdate (MMDDYYYY)

  2. Access our class website (

  3. Follow the directions below to continue our reading of The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Class Work

  1. Open your interactive notebook and set up the following portions of your reading journal.
    • Chapter 11 (p. 114): In this chapter, Jonas receives his first memory. What is the memory and why do you think that the Giver chose this as the first to give to Jonas? (Don’t forget to use the RACE strategy to answer this question.)
    • Chapter 12 (p. 115): Based on what you have read, what is Jonas’s ability to see beyond? Give two examples from the text of when this happens to Jonas. (Use the RACE strategy.)
    • Chapter 13 (p. 116): Respond to the following quote by discussing its significance. “If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things.” (Use the RACE strategy to format your response.)
  2. Read chapters 11, 12, and 13 of The Giver.


1. Student-Friendly Rubric (due February 24th) – This is NOT an optional assignment.

  • The FSA rubrics for our writing are full of high-level vocabulary and vague expectations. Rewrite the FSA Rubric for Argumentation (found on page 48 in your interactive notebook) in your own words.
  • Add specific details we’ve discussed this school year to remedy the rubric’s vagueness. (i.e. The rubric says you need ample evidence. Since we’ve discussed the specific number of pieces of evidence you should have for each body paragraph, you would include this in your rubric to make it more specific.)
  • We know that the rubric for argumentation is the rubric for informational writing with a few additional components added to it. Highlight the portions of the rubric that are only required if you are responding to an argumentation prompt.

2. Optional Summative – Random Acts of Kindness project (due March 3rd)

3. Optional Summative – Breaking Barriers Essay Contest (due March 13th) – Please submit your essay through Scholastic’s website for the contest, as well as via Office 365 for credit in our class.

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