Agenda 2/15/2018

Bell Work

  1. Turn in any books you have for the Book Swap.
  2. Participate in the Anticipation Guide activity by agreeing or disagreeing with each statement provided.

Class Work

  1. Listen to the NPR article where Lois Lowry discusses her inspiration for the book, The Giver. 
  2. Discuss
    • “Some critics credit The Giver with kicking off the entire dystopian YA trend, but Lowry immediately dismisses the notion.”
    • What characteristics would a novel need to have in order to be considered dystopian? 
  3. If time permits, take notes on the characteristics of dystopian novels on page 86 in your interactive notebook.


  1. Plan to attend tonight’s Book Carnival.
  2. Optional Formative – Friendly Letter Project, Part 2 (Due February 17th)

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