Agenda 2/13/2017

Bell work:  Get your Notebook!.  Obtain a Class Superlatives ballot and complete.   You will have two minutes.  

Class Work

    1. Watch the scene from the movie, Wall-e.
    2. Create a script capturing the interaction between Wall-e and Eve on page 97 in your interactive notebook.
      • You should have at least 10 pieces of dialogue for each character.
    3. Watch the scene again to make sure the dialogue you wrote make sense with the characters’ actions.
    4. Switch scripts with a partner and watch the scene again. Does your partner’s script make sense?
    5. Look at the writing in your partner’s script. Did your partner…
    6. Provide your feedback to your partner.
    7. Obtain your script from your partner. Using your partner’s feedback, edit and revise your script.
    8. If time permits, take turns reading your dialogue aloud as the scene plays.

Homework- Valentine’s  Day is tomorrow.  You may bring in whatever but only if enough for everyone in our class.  Finish scene from Wall-e if you need more time.  Bring in books to exchange.   Plan on attending the Book Carnival Wednesday night.

Optional Summative (extra credit) assignment: random-acts-of-kindness-essay

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