Agenda 2/7/2017


Bell Work

  1. Pass your notebooks to end of row.  Pages 87 – 90 to be checked.

Class Work

    1. Take out a sheet of paper and…
      • Title it “Anne Frank Test”
      • Put your name in the top right-hand corner
      • Number it 1-20.
    2. Complete the test for The Diary of Anne Frank.
    3. Trade and grade.
    4. Complete an analysis of your incorrect answers by
  • Back of your notebook paper write Analysis of my Errors
  • Use same number as the ones you got incorrect
  • Find a quote from your bubble map to support a new answer
  • Get credit back for the questions you missed


  1. Plan to attend this year’s Book Carnival.  Bring in your used books to trade.    Let Mrs. Schroyer know if you want to participate but have no used books to trade. Check Gradebook for your grades on bubble maps and FAKEBOOK.  Complete or re-do any grade less than 5 days old.

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