Agenda 2/6/2017


Bell Work

  1. Turn in any books you have for the Book Swap.
  2. Find a partner 
  3. Obtain the following materials:
    • poster paper- one per pair
    • scissors- one per pair
    • glue- one per pair
    • events from play

Class Work

    1. Write your names are on the back of your poster paper.
    2. Set up the plot diagram on your poster paper.
    3. Cut apart the events from the play and lay them out on the poster paper in the correct sequence.
      • The first group to sequence all of the events from the play in the correct order, as well as designate each plot element correctly (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution) will win candy.
    4. Glue the events down in the correct order.
    5. Add illustrations in the margins of your plot diagram to help you remember the sequence of events. (Think comic strip.)


  1. Finish Plot Diagram if not completed in class today.  Study for Anne Frank test which is tomorrow.  Plan to attend this year’s Book Carnival and bring in your used books.

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