Agenda 2/3/2017


  1. Obtain a copy of the social media profile templates (FaceBook and Twitter) from the front table.
  2. Can you answer the questions we created on Diary of Anne Frank?
  3. Discuss the character you analyzed in yesterday’s writing activity.
    • How did the playwrights’ use of characterization affect your understanding of the Holocaust? What does your chosen character represent of all involved?

Class Work

    1. Using the evidence from your bubble map, create a social media profile portraying your chosen character. (Sample profile: Katniss Everdeen)
      • Your pages should include details about the character’s
        • Physical appearance
        • Thoughts/feelings
        • Actions
        • Dialogue
      • Your page should portray the character’s relationship with the other characters in the play.
        • One way to do this is through the functions of the social media site – likes, comments, share/retweets, etc..
      • Your page should also include a profile picture, friends/followers section, and brief bio.
      • Your page should be detailed and accurately portray the character as he or she is portrayed in the play.
      • Your page should be neat, colorful, and reflect pride in your work.
    2. Find a classmate who chose the same character as you and answer the following questions:
      • How do your profiles differ?
      • What evidence from the text suggests that the inferences you made about your character is the correct version of your character?
    3. Using your social media page, introduce your character to the class.
    4. Exit Slip – On the backside of your profile, reflect on today’s activity by answering the following questions:
      • Which character(s) were better developed by the playwrights? How?
      • How does the format of Anne’s story affect the readers’ understanding of the characters in the play?
      • How could the playwrights have better portrayed the characters? What information could they have provided?


  1. Bring in books to be swapped at the Book Carnival.  Finish your FB page or Twitter page.   Be sure to add color.  Bubble Maps (example) will be graded on Monday. 

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