Agenda 1/23/2017


Bell Work

  1. Turn to a partner and verbally summarize what we read in Act 1, Scenes 1-3.
  2. Compare the evidence you gathered in your bubble maps. Add any information your partner has that you do not to your bubble maps on pages 87 (setting), 88 (Anne Frank), and 89 (character of your choice) in your interactive notebook.
  3. Participate in the notebook check of pages 79-88.

Class Work

    1. Using the evidence from your bubble map describing the setting, as well as additional details from the text, construct a map of the Secret Annex on page 90 in your interactive notebook. Be very detailed in your construction.
    2. Take the virtual tour of the Secret Annex and update your map of  the layout of their hiding place.


  1. Make sure your bubble maps for The Diary of Anne Frank are being completed with great detail.

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