Agenda 1/19/2017


Bell Work – Place your SIGNED grade report in the tray on back counter.

  1. Turn in your optional formative – poster advertising Celebrate Literacy Week.
  2. Obtain a textbook and your interactive notebook.
  3. Set up a bubble map on pages 87, 88, and 89 in your interactive notebook.
    • Setting
    • Anne Frank
    • Character of your choice

Class Work

    1. Assign reading roles.  (page 280)
      • Anne Frank
      • Margot Frank
      • Mr. Frank
      • Mrs. Frank
      • Peter Van Daan
      • Mr. Van Daan
      • Mrs. Van Daan
      • Mr. Dussel
      • Miep Gies
      • Kraler
      • Narrator
    2. Read Act 1, Scene 1 (p. 281-283) of The Diary of Anne Frank.
    3. Update your bubble maps on pages 73-75 of your interactive notebook with evidence from today’s reading.
      • Your evidence should describe your character’s
        • Actions
        • Thoughts/feelings
        • Dialogue
        • Physical description
      • Your evidence should also describe the setting’s
        • Physical description
        • Atmosphere (tone/mood)
        • Effects on the characters


  1. Study the list for the school spelling bee.

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