Agenda 1/17/2017


Bell Work

  1. Turn in your optional summative assignment. (No late projects will be accepted.)
  2. Using the Question Stems for Informational Texts handout (yellow), write a question about one or some of the following characters on a sticky note.
    • Anne Frank
    • Margot Frank
    • Otto Frank
    • Edith Frank
    • Peter Van Daan
    • Miep Gies
    • Petronella Van Daan
    • Hans Van Daan
  3. Put your name on the back of your sticky note and turn it in.

Class Work

    1. Using the biographies provided, research your assigned character(s) to find out what his/her life was like prior to the start of World War II. This is NOT a BYOT assignment. You are not to use any additional sources.
      • Group 1: Anne Frank
      • Group 2: Otto Frank
      • Group 3: Margot Frank and Edith Frank
      • Group 4: The Van Daan Family
      • Group 5: Miep Gies
      • The biographies are a class set. Do NOT write on them.
    2. Page 83- Create a 3-5 minute oral presentation of your character, which you will deliver during tomorrow’s class.
      • Be sure that your presentation provides a detailed description of what your assigned character was like.
      • Do not reveal the ending of the play in your presentation.
      • Use page 85 in your notebook to plan your presentation.
    3. Create a foldable with 8 flaps – one for each character. This will be used to take notes on the other characters your peers present. Glueto page 86.
      • Anne Frank
      • Margot Frank
      • Otto Frank
      • Edith Frank
      • Peter Van Daan
      • Miep Gies
      • Petronella Van Daan
      • Hans Van Daan
    4. Glue your foldable to page 86 in your interactive notebook.
    5. Answer the following question on page 71 in your interactive notebook using the RACE strategy:
      • What about your character’s life prior to the war might affect his/her transition into hiding? What struggles might we see him/her experience in the play?


  1. Work on your optional formative assignment (due January 19th).
    • Create a flyer or mini poster that can be displayed in the hallways to advertise our school’s activities for Celebrate Literacy Week.
    • Your flyer or mini poster must include the dates, each day’s activity, and the theme.
    • Your flyer or mini poster should be visually pleasing (lots of color and visuals) and can be hand-drawn or computer-generated.
  2. Study the list for the school spelling bee.

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