Agenda 1/12/2017


  1. Take out a separate sheet of paper, title it “Literary Terms quiz,” number your paper 1-9, and put your name on it.
  2. Take the Literary Terms quiz. You will have 10 minutes to finish.

Class Work

    1. Note:  This should already be completed.   If not, complete your analysis of “There But for the Grace” (p. 386 in your textbook) by completing the TP-CASTT strategy on page 81 in your interactive notebook. 
    2. UnPAC the prompt for your Performance Task on page 82 in your interactive notebook.
      • Explain how the author’s use of figurative language affects the message of the poem. Make sure your analysis includes a definition of each literary term discussed, examples of each term, and an explanation of how the author’s use of the literary terms affects your understanding of the Holocaust.
      • PROMPT- Analyze “There But for the Grace,” for its use of figurative language (examples: repetition, alliteration, consonance, rhythm)   theme, and tone.   These are your three body paragraphs.  🙂
    3. Discuss:
      • How should this essay be organized?
      • What will you disccuss in each paragraph?
    4. Timed Writing Exercise: You have 7 minutes to write your first body paragraph on page 82 in your interactive notebook.
    5. If time permits, continue writing your paragraphs on page 70 in your interactive notebook. Write your paragraphs within the time limits ( 7 minute per body paragraph; 5 minutes for the introduction; 5 minutes for the conclusion).


  1. Work on your optional summative assignment (due January 17th).
  2.  Work on your optional formative assignment (due January 19th).
    • Create a flyer or mini poster that can be displayed in the hallways to advertise our school’s activities for Celebrate Literacy Week.
    • Your flyer or mini poster must include the dates, each day’s activity, and the theme.
    • Your flyer or mini poster should be visually pleasing (lots of color and visuals) and can be hand-drawn or computer-generated.
  3. Study the list for the school spelling bee.

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