Agenda 1/ 10/2017

Bell Work:

  1. Redeem your bathroom passes from last quarter.
  2. Obtain your new passes for this quarter and put your name on each of them.
  3. Set up Cornell notes on page 79 in your interactive notebook. Use the following questions in your left column:
    • What is survivor’s guilt?
    • Why do survivors feel guilty?
    • What types of questions might survivors of the Holocaust pose?


    1. Read the introduction and methods sections of the article, Making Sense of the Past
    2. As a class, jigsaw interviews 1-5. Read your assigned interview and create a one-pager (combination of visuals and written text) on page 80 in your interactive notebook portraying the interviewee’s experience in the Holocaust, both past and present.
    3. Complete your Cornell notes by answering the questions using the RACE strategy.
    4. Share your one-pager with the class. As you listen to your peers, continue to add information to your Cornell notes.
    5. If time permits, read the discussion portion of the article and continue adding details to your Cornell notes.


  1. Study for Thursday’s Literary Terms quiz. (
    • alliteration
    • assonance
    • consonance
    • parallelism
    • repetition
    • rhythm
    • syntax
    • theme
    • tone
  2. Work on your optional summative assignment (due January 17th).
  3. Study the list for the school spelling bee.
  4.  Work on your optional formative assignment (due January 19th).

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