Agenda 1/5/2017

Calendar for the 3rd 9 weeks
Bell Work:
1. Top spellers from yesterday- congratulations on making it to round two.
2. When it is your turn, listen for the word to be read.
3. To respond, you should first say the word (to ensure you heard the word correctly), and spell the word (you may start over, but you cannot change any of the letters you’ve already said). When you are finished spelling the word, you should say the word again to indicate you are done.
4. If you misspelled the word, you will be told you are incorrect and will be out.
5. If you misspelled the word, but were one of the final two, you will only be out if the next candidate can correctly spell the next word, as well as an additional word (championship word). If the candidate does not correctly spell the next two words, you both remain in and continue until there is a champion.
6. The top two spellers in each class will advance to the school Spelling Bee, with the runner-up serving as an alternate.
1. Final day to complete yourholocaust-terms (foldable) for the Holocaust terms by viewing your peers’ posters and listening to their podcasts.
2. If time permits, quiz one another on the terms.
1. Study for tomorrow’s quiz on the Holocaust terms.
2. Study the list for the school spelling bee.

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