Agenda 1/4/2017


Bell Work:

1. Number page 75 from 1 to 15


2. Listen to each word as they are read aloud and write them down on your paper. Spell them to the best of your ability.

3. Trade papers with a partner.

4. Check your partner’s spelling with the words as they appear on the board.

5. Only mark the answers that are misspelled.

6. Write the total number of words that were spelled correctly at the top of the paper and circle it.

7. Determine the top 5 spellers from the written portion to advance to the oral portion.


1. Continue the foldable we created prior to winter break. This foldable will serve as your study guide for the Holocaust Terms.


1. Continue studying the list for our class spelling bee.

2. Study for Friday’s quiz on the Holocaust terms.

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