Agenda 12/19/2016

Bell Work

  1. Obtain a sheet of legal sized copy paper and set up the foldable by completing the following directions.
    • Fold the page in half (hamburger style).
    • Fold the page in half again (hamburger style).
    • Orient the foldable so that the open edges are on the top, as well as opens on the right side.
    • Fold the bottom third of the page up towards the top.
    • Fold the top third of the page down over the rest of the foldable. You should have a small rectangle.
    • Title the top rectangle, “Holocaust Terms.”
    • Flip the foldable over and make lines across the rectangle. This is where you will put your glue when your foldable is completed and ready to be glued into your interactive notebook.
    • As you open the foldable, write each of the terms on each blank rectangle you encounter.
      1. Antisemitism
      2. Blitzkrieg
      3. Concentration camp
      4. Death camp
      5. Eisenhower, Dwight D.
      6. Fascism
      7. Final Solution
      8. Genocide
      9. Ghetto
      10. Hitler, Adolf
      11. Judaism
      12. Kristallnacht
      13. Nazi party
      14. Propaganda
      15. Ration cards
      16. Star of David
      17. Swastika
      18. Treaty of Versailles
      19. World War II
      20. Yellow star
      21. Zyklon B
    • On the last rectangle, write the following question (leave room for your answer): Why is it important for today’s students to study the Holocaust?

Class Work

    1. Using your QR scanner and earbuds, view your peer’s presentations by listening to their podcasts and viewing their posters.
    2. Take notes on their presentation in your foldable. Your notes should be detailed enough for you to reference them throughout the quarter. 
      • You will be tested on the meanings of these terms at the end of the quarter, which means you will be relying on your notes to pass the test.
    3. Glue your foldable to page 61 in your interactive notebook.


  1. Organize yourself for the second semester (i.e. clean out and restock your backpack with school supplies, clean out and reorganize your locker, make sure all of the pages are organized and glued into your notebook, etc.).

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