Agenda 12/9/2016

Bell work: Obtain your IA Notebook, one sheet of notebook paper, copy of the test, list of your missed answers, and a pen.  See calendar calendar


  • Correction is in RACE format similar to this:

  • Test correction for each question missed.

  • 1.  F is the correct answer.  This evidence was found in my IA notebook on page 46 where it states the definition of an argument is (copy definition here.) F is almost the same thing.

  • 17.  A is the correct answer.  This evidence can be found in “We Need the League” where it talks about (pull line that gave you the answer).  This evidence means ….therefore A is the correct answer.

2.   If time permits work on missing notebook points, FLEE Map for your project, study for retake of argument vocab test

Homework:  Work less than 5 days old:  Late “essay”  projects, late FLEE MAPS, check notebook grade and redo those missing pages or find them and glue.  If you are going to remediate and retake argument vocab test, complete the yellow retake grid, and make an appointment next week to do so.

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