Agenda 12/ 5/ 2015

Bell Work:

  • Review the rubric you glued to page 62 in your interactive notebook.

  • Flee map will be checked and logged in Gradebook.

  • With a pen divide page 65-67 divide into quarters:

  • Present your poster, PowerPoint, or movie trailer responding to the  prompt: Which character is most deserving of the quality he or she receives from the Wizard?

  • Classwork

    Each presentation will be a separate box on your paper. Assign each presentation (including your own) a score for each part of the rubric. 

  1. Record name(s) of presenter(s) and type of project
  2. Document the claim of the presenter(s) and at least one reason or piece of evidence as explained by the presenter(s)
  3. Record the counterclaim  
  4. Then write a sentence identify a strength in the presentation.
  5. Write one final sentence providing constructive feedback to your peers.


  1. Review the details for Unit 2 Remediation and Retakes. If necessary, make an appointment with Mrs. Schroyer; the clipboard is on the chalkledge

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