Agenda 11/3/2016

Bell work:  Obtain a bottle of glue, IA Notebook, and papers not yet glued.  Glue the following pages:

  1. FSA Argumentation Rubric

  2. Double bubble map- FSA Rubric

  3. LLCCC foldable-

  4. “Teens Need Jobs” double bubble

  5. “Teens at Work” double map

  6. Tree Map- Pract VLT #1 “Should Gov Raise Min Wage?”

  1. Pract VLT #1- Min Wage w sticky notes

  2. LLCCC prac- “Teaching the Value of a Dollar” (White paper/ hw last week)

  3. Argumentation Vocab Quiz

  4. Sentence frames (blue)


  • Write essay evidence you gathered- “Should Government Increase Minimum Wage…” (green)  LLCCC, page 53, and page 54

  • Write ONLY the rebuttal paragraph

  • Decide which side of the argument- you are NOT writing these paragraphs

  • The rebuttal is the opposite side of the argument

  • Be sure to include the counterclaim, concession,  and rebuttal

  • Include evidence, citations, transitions, vocabulary

  • RACE your paragraph

Homework: LAST CHANCE CREDIT –late LLCCC on “Teenage Jobs”

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