Agenda 11/2/2016

Bell work:   Obtain one box of  markers and two different stacks and colors of sticky notes- front baskets.


  1. Set up a tree map on page 54 with two stems: Pro and Anti.

  2. Designate each sticky note color as either Pro or Anti.

  3. Gather evidence from the text by writing the quotes (use your map from yesterday) on the appropriate color sticky note. 

    • Don’t forget to include the source information on the sticky note (AKA citation).

  4. Place the sticky note under the corresponding stem on your table’s tree map.

  5. Once you have gathered all of your evidence, reorganize your sticky notes so that the ones with similar ideas are together.

  6. Title each cluster. These are potentially your body paragraphs.

  7. Write a topic sentence for each of these clusters/body paragraphs.

Homework:  Unfinished classwork especially the LLCCC homework from last week on Teen Jobs.

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