Agenda 10/28/2016

Bell Work: Retrieve a copy of Practice VLT 1 and a highlighter.  Tomorrow you will turn in your annotated copy of “Teaching the Value of a Dollar” using the LLCCC strategy.  Extra Day to finish this h/w from last week- YAHOO!

1. Un-PAC the prompt: Write an argumentative essay explaining whether or not the federal government should implement a national minimum wage of ten dollars per hour. Be sure to include evidence from the texts to support your claim.

a. P – Purpose: explain whether or not the federal government should mandate a minimum wage of $10/hour

b. A – Audience: American citizens; politicians; economists

c. C – Context/Format: argumentation essay

2. Read and annotate the texts using the LLCCC strategy.

a. Don’t Ignore the Costs of Minimum Wage Increases When Celebrating the Benefits by Michael Strain

b. Effects of Minimum Wage Increases Extend Beyond the Law’s Reach by Maurice Jones

c. Benefits of Minimum-Wage Increases Seem Too Good to Be True, But They’re Not by Heather Boushley

d. The Tighter Job Market, Along with Minimum Wage Rises, Pushed Wages Up by Arindrajit Dube

3. Answer the Comprehension Questions.

4. Complete the short-response question using RACE.

Homework: Complete any unfinished work from class.

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