Agenda 10/28/2016

Bell Work:Locate your unused BATHROOM PASSES and rip them apart.   Be sure your name is on each one.   Update teens-need-jobs in your IA notebook and set up page 52.



1. Read “Teens at Work” starting on page 422 in the Collections textbook.

2. Complete your map on page 52 much like you did for yesterday’s essay.

a. Claim

b. Reasons

c. Supporting Details

d. Counterargument

e. Rebuttal

3. Compare the reasons and evidence used in each argument (“Teens Need Jobs, Not Just Cash” and “Teens at Work”). Which argument is stronger? Why? (Goal: lead the students to the understanding that the reasons and evidence needs to be relevant)

Homework: Read and annotate “Teaching the Value of a Dollar” using the LLCCC strategy.

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