Agenda 10/13/2016

Bell work:  Find your Scan-tron and answer paper from yesterday.

Class work:

  1. Using your pencil transfer your answers from yesterday onto your Scan-tron.

  2. Take test

  3. Skip the ones you are unsure of.

  4. You may take your IA notebook and SG home to study the questions you skipped.

  5. Test corrections are offered on all missed questions.  You will earn 1/2 for each test correction.

  6. Looks like this:

  7.   A is the correct answer.   On page R84 in our textbook the definition of opinion is “a judgement, belief, or view not necessarily based on knowledge.” A must be the correct answer because it is almost word-for-word the same as the definition.

Homework:  Study information for the questions you missed.

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