Agenda 10/3/2016

Bell work:  Get handout and bottle of glue. Glue the following to the assigned pages:

30- 10 Reasons why Children Don’t go to School (yellow packet)

31- Earthquakes- (pink packet)

32-  FLEE MAP – Effects of Earthquakes

33- Essay- Effects of Earthquakes

34- Peer Review Sheet (yellow)


  • Complete your Study Guide:  You may wish to use this:study-guide.  Or this sgtwo

  • You may NOT print these two pages and use as your own.   All work must be in your own handwriting.
  • This will be your best way to prepare for Wednesday’s Unit I test.

  • Use your IA notebook

  • Use textbook

  • May work with a partner

Homework:  Study for your Unit I test on Wednesday.  Period 2 only- You must complete pages 1 and 2 of the SG for homework.


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