Agenda 9/28/2016

Bell Workwednesday

  1. Meet your teacher in the Media Center.
  2. Place your items along the wall/bookshelf.
  3. Obtain the following materials:
    • text set
    • flee map
    • two highlighters of different colors
  4. Sit with your class.

Class Work

  1. Un-PAC the prompt: Consider the events that are described in each text. Write an essay that explains how penicillin was discovered and developed into a widely used medicine. Remember to use textual evidence in your essay.
  2. Based on your analysis of the prompt, decide how you will annotate the texts.
  3. Read and annotate the texts:Not-So-Dumb-Luck
    1. The History of Penicillin
    2. The Discovery of Penicillin: The True Story
  4. Using the RACE strategy, answer questions 1-3 on page 115.
  5. Plan your essay by completing a flee map.
  6. Make sure your name is on your papers.
  7. Turn in your text-set, questions, and flee map.


  1. Finish any incomplete work (i.e. any missing or incomplete pages in your interactive notebook).

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