Agenda 9/21/2016

Bell work: Glue SHORT CUT rubric onto page 27. Review the FSA Rubric (pg 25) for Informational Writing.


Homework:  Rewrite your assigned paragraph utilizing what you learned in class today.  If you and your partner did not finish color-marking and grading the essay, please finish that as well.


1. With your partner read our class essay

2. This is not a perfect copy of color-marking but is an example to help you.  Peer review this essay by colormark the following items:

a. Central idea and topic sentences

b. Evidence

c. Citations

d. Elaboration

e. Transitions

f. Hook/ lasting impression

g. Elevated vocabulary

h. Punctuation indicating varied sentence structure (i.e. hyphen, colon, semicolon, etc.)

3. Based on your color-marking, score our class essay using the FSA Rubric for Informational Writing.  Record your findings on page 30 as well as a short paragraph explaining and justifying your scoring.

4.  What improvements should we make to our essay?  Add this your your paragraph on page 30 as well.

Homework: Using the feedback you received during class, rewrite your assigned body paragraph.  Finish today’s classwork.

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