Agenda 9/9/2016

Bell work:  Review page 13 RACE.  This is your goal on each slide and in your script.  Remember, Wikipedia and GOOGLE are not sources.  Use name of article or website.

  1. NOTE- If you and your partner are unprepared on presentation day (Next Monday) you will automatically lose those points.  This  means the best grade you can earn is a C for this SUMMATIVE. Also, this presentation/  project will be graded in time for Progress Reports.  

Classwork:  FINISH working with your partner, BYOT.  Check each other’s homework and then:

  1.  Using your notes and resources FINISH writing the RACE paragraphs which will go on each slide if you are completing a PP.  Here is an example:world-culture-project

  2. FINISH writing the script for your Photo Essay, write those paragraphs in RACE form as well.

  3. Combine R and A into one sentence, then C, then E like you saw in example  (see link in #1)

  4. TODAY: Leave yourself enough time to review the rubric and discuss how your presentation will transpire- who is saying what and when?

Homework:  If you did not finish your project (due today) finish it this weekend and share it with your partner via Office365.  Review the rubric and practice presentation with your partner .  Goal was to be done with your world-culture-project today but now you have the weekend to get caught up.  Fix problems with your notebook here: table of contents for IA Notebook11 (Autosaved).

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