Agenda 9/8/2016

Bell work:  Review page 17 RACE.  This is your goal on each slide and in your script.  Remember, Wikipedia and GOOGLE are not sources.  Use name of article or website.

  1. NOTE- If you and your partner are unprepared on presentation day (Next Monday) you will automatically lose those points.  This  means the best grade you can earn is a C for this SUMMATIVE. Also, this presentation/  project will be graded in time for Progress Reports.  

Classwork:  Continue working with your partner, BYOT.  Check each other’s homework.

  1.  Using your notes and resources write what will go on each slide if you are completing a PP.

  2. If you are writing the script for your Photo Essay, write those paragraphs in RACE form as well.

  3. Can combine R and A into one sentence, then C, then E.

  4. Leave yourself enough time to review the rubric and discuss how your presentation will transpire- who is saying what and when?

Homework:  Be prepared to finish writing your PP or Photo Essay.   Share it with your partner via Office365 (and not research) tomorrow.  Review the rubric and leave yourself enough time to practice.  Goal is to be done with your world-culture-project by end of class on Friday.  Fix problems with your notebook here: table of contents for IA Notebook11 (Autosaved).

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