Agenda 9/7/2016

Bell work:  On page 24 add the word “Money” to the list of bullet items in the alpha list of items to research about your country.

  1. NOTE- If you and your partner are unprepared on presentation day (Next Monday) you will automatically lose those points.  This  means the best grade you can earn is a C for this SUMMATIVE. Also, this presentation/  project will be graded in time for Progress Reports.  

Think about what makes one source more reliable than another?  Wikipedia is good for general information but not as a quotable source.  Review rubric again as this is how your writing (script or your slides) should appear especially your evidence.  Embed your evidence into your writing.  In other words your citation is within the text.  This is how it will be in your VLT essays as well. Example,  According to American Standard University, in the Article,”Why visit Italy,” Italians use the Euro as their currency.”   However, ….

Classwork:  Continue working with your partner, BYOT.  Check each other’s homework.

  1.  Continue to research the 11 questions you have chosen (of the A, B, C’s of Culture)

  2. Goal- each partner is to complete half of the list in order to have all research completed by end of class.

  3. Bulleted items become homework for you and your partner because Thursday we are writing your rough draft of your PowerPoint or Photo Essay.

Homework:  Complete research if not completed in class- all 11 bulleted items.  Be prepared to write (and not research) on Thursday. world-culture-project is due by end of class on Friday.  Fix problems with your table of contents for IA Notebook11 (Autosaved).

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