Agenda 8/31/2016

Bell Work:

Answer and RACE the following question: What conclusions can you draw about the items the immigrants chose to bring with them to the United States?  (bottom of page 21)

Homework: Complete missing/incomplete assignments in your interactive notebook.  Notebook checks today.  Check table of contents for IA Notebook11 (Autosaved) here.


1. Review “What to Bring – Text.”

2. Create a double entry journal with specific examples of text features on the left side. On the right side, explain what information the text features provide to the reader.

4.  Read “How the Olympic Locations are Chosen.”

5.   Annotate the text by underlining the topic sentences in the article.

6.   Discuss: What strategies might a writer use to elaborate on their topic sentences?

a. Facts

b. Opinions

c. Anecdotes

4. Complete a tree map (see page 16) analyzing the text structure of the article.  You will have 4 stems.

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