Agenda 8/30/2016

Bell Work: Invitation to Write (see page 5) – What 5 items would you bring with you if you were moving to a new country? Why would you choose those items?  Write your paragraph on page 15 in IA Ntbk below your 1st paragraph.


1. Read What to Bring – Text As you read, pay attention to the items that the immigrants were allowed to bring with them to the United States.  Highlight those items.

2. Discuss: What types of items did the immigrants bring with them? Do you agree or disagree with their choices?

3.  Glue pages 19 and 20.  (Blue and then white)

4.  Page 21.  Fold paper in half long way.   On the left record text features as listed on page 16, and on the right record examples from the  story.

Continue with presentations as time allows.

  • Typed = 10 points
  • Presentation = 30 points
  • Artifact = 20 points
  • Poem = 40 points

Homework:  Late poems, artifacts, and presentations.  Work less than 5 days old.

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